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Sam Karuna's Fine Art Batik Training Center is the first of its kind. Established in 1989, Sam Karuna's Training Center is a training ground for excellence for professional artists and art enthusiasts who would like to explore the artistic language of fine art batik.

A well-known artist, Sam Karuna now shares his skills and talents in fine art batik through a specially designed training program to enhance individual creativity and allow it to flow from the artist's palette.

Sam Karuna's training program is suitable for those who have an interest and keen eye in fine art batik i.e. from an artist with a passion for art to a novice with no basic knowledge of art.

The program is personally conducted by the Master himself who has developed his own techniques to rejuvenate this traditional art form. The program enables students to get an insight into the processes and techniques involved in mastering the strokes of fine art batik.

The training program is conducted in an informally structured study environment. Students are able to study and interact with their colleagues in a pleasant and friendly learning environment while grasping the intricacies and magic of fine art batik painting.

The course is conducted over 3 months, and 3 hours per session once a week in a workshop style with personalized and individual attention for every student. Each class has not more than 15 students, thus allowing students to receive the highest standard of teaching based on Sam's talents and renowned expertise.

The thoroughness of Sam's teaching ensures that students develop a significant depth of understanding, enhance their artistic flexibility and motivate enthusiastic art students.

RM 1,500.00 for 3 months, inclusive painting materials.

The training program for fine art batik is designed to provide students with a significant understanding of this inherently different style of painting. Much thought has gone into the planning of the training program to allow students to master the skills of fine art batik. These include:

1) Combining techniques to creative responses
2) Wax removal between dyeing and oven-dyeing techniques.
3) Direct dye application technique
4) Wax etching and wax printing.
5) Marbling and web-like crackle
6) Understanding and control of color
7) Dry Dye painting technique

The final part of the course involves students being taught to paint "still life"subjects in the fine art batik style of painting. Here, students will be guided a choice to paint subjects of their interest from landscapes, seascapes, wildlife and figures to contemporary art and others. At the end of the training program, students will be able to express their inner thoughts and feelings and convey the messages in their fine art batik paintings.
advance prior to the commencement of the training program.


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